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They are impressed with our services

Bodie and I couldn't speak more highly of Cosy Cabin Rentals. Doing business with yourself and Ross has been so easy and efficient. Totally pain free! Also we must say, after staying in the cabin over winter, it was so warm and cosy! All we used was a small oil heater and we were perfect. We didn’t even use our electric blanket once!

Nicola & Bodie


I would I just like to say that we are quite relieved that we hired your wee cabins rather than trying to go the distance in caravans! They survived several storms, and were nice and warm. We will recommend Cosy Cabin Rentals to any we hear of wanting your cabins to do the same thing as us, building our home.  

Thanks again to both of you for your great service.  Megan & Buzz



Available Cabins

We have a limited amount of cabins available for rent.......

We currently have no cabins available.

Please contact Cabins To Rent 09 428 3800 to check their availability.

Book on line or Contact us on 0800 267 922 or text 021 767 563

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